Read Genius

Read Genius

Read Genius is a smart and powerful text to speech software

Read Genius is a smart and powerful text to speech software.
When Read Genius is running, no matter what other Windows applications you are using (Microsoft Word, Notepad...etc.), Read Genius will read out every word or sentence you've just typed, read any document you have just copied to the Clipboard, read your documents, tell time hourly or half hourly, or set alarm to read the specified sentence at the specified time.

Main features:

-Reading every word, sentence or paragraph you've just typed in any Windows application. - When you are writing by Microsoft Word, or writing an e-mail using Outlook Express, or chatting on the Internet, Wherever application you are using, Read Genius will read out what you've just typed immediately, so you can find out spelling or typing mistakes at once, your style of writing will be more nice, and the communication will be more delightful!
You can let Read Genius to read every word or every sentence you've just typed. Otherwise you can even specify some symbols to trigger the reading.
-Speaking any document copied to the Windows Clipboard from any Windows application immediately - Read Genius can read everything you've just copied to the Windows Clipboard. When you are surfing on the Internet, reading e-book, or received an email, you can copy them to Windows Clipboard and Read Genius will start to read them automatically, then you can use another applications when Read Genius is reading.
-Support different voices - Read Genius support almost all computer voices and over 11 languages! You can get these voices and languages for free.
-Telling you time and date hourly or half hourly - Read Genius can tell the current time and date. It can be set to tell time hourly, half hourly or quarter-hourly to remind your time.
-Setting your alarm - Read Genius can also perform like an alarm clock. It will read the specified sentence at the specified time. You can schedule it to be executed daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You can use this feature to remind you important thing.
-Using the built-in Notepad - Read Genius has an internal Notepad, you can use it to create, open and save your documents. You can let Read Genius read the whole documents or selected area.


- 15 days trial
Read Genius is an powerful tool that allows you to transform text files into speech. It is simple to use and powerful.

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